But it’s hard to fight with you until the last minute


The west, after leaving the East, Celtic team is likely to make a breakthrough. Now it seems that these teams, 7788’s reinforcement, reinforcement and trading, the trading is really good. The bucks are also surprised.

Ah, although the time is not long or less now, let’s finally observe that if this team can reach 123, it will not be a weak team, or it will focus on observation. The challenge to Celtic team is still quite huge. So, Celtic, yes, what’s the loss now. That is, er, last season’s Celtic team, or a few previous seasons’ Celtic team won its own ranking by strong defense. Now the East is so high, I draw gourds like you. Anyway, you don’t have much advantage.

We are so high, I will give you. But it’s hard to fight with you until the last minute. Sometimes, if luck is not on your side, you may lose and be killed. So for Celtic, it’s no problem to defend.

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Take a bright pearl on the crown of mathematics

Green, I also satirized Durant and said, well, you don’t think you are very amazing. We use this wrinkle, and then big words are almost the same scene. The original text must not be that way. You don’t think it.

It was amazing. We were the champion before you came. We have been winning the team. What do you mean? The day before yesterday, this is. After the game conflict, green is also talking to the doctor. Now. I doubt that next summer, well, this decision is to sign BJ summer.

This is a contract. I really despise you. You can cut it for about four years and five years. You are a mathematician, chenjingrun. You are helping us discuss Goldbach’s guess. Ah, take a bright pearl on the crown of mathematics. Hum, I think it’s strange. Actually, Durant signed this contract for filial piety.

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To win is actually to play the west, so the requirements

Super strong, team he needs to treasure not to win is actually to play the west, so the requirements for them are different spurs, it is OK to play a playoffs, do not have too much hope for him, there is no big problem in the lineup structure, and Bobo, VICH you do not believe that the word most depends on you do not believe popovic popo. And we haven’t been disappointed for so many years. I think this team is enough for the Spurs. Well, let’s look at it. Finally, the pioneers and Spurs are playing this game. Who laughs at the end of the game? Basically, the two teams are all in the post-season game.

The powerful contender, at present, it seems that Grizzlies may fall behind. Other teams have played well. Other teams have some hard strength. Of course, our team badge team has not studied too much. The Nuggets should not fall off the Clippers. And more, watch because some teams may not know him very well. It’s a different kind of thing. So, well, it’s a bit good. It’s reasonable to believe that if you play half of the time, you can still play.

This eggplant in the west, this position, playoffs should be, not run, ah first and second, I think, or to see how the warriors later chasing ah, and nuggets can withstand the frustration of later people ah, the main threat is in thunder team, thunder team this team. We said before, ah, the point is that the thunder team is right. It is not a disaster that Anthony collapsed without Anthony. Anthony was in the thunder team last year. It was a negative impact on the thunder team after Anthony left this year.

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The passing should be more mysterious



Ah, when it comes to the two wonderful flowers in the league, Rubio still has one hand to defend. Ah, Rondo’s point is that the goldfish assists the whale team, so these two players can have a foothold in the league. Although their attack ability is not very strong and their projection ability is weak, there is still a place for them compared with Simmons

. In itself, playing is not the origin of point guard, so, er, to play this position now, it also needs a certain period of time, conversion or adaptation, it is necessary to practice the projection ability, or you need goldfish for assists, just like Robbie in the West. When you see these players learn to do a good job in defense, the other thing is, er, the passing should be more mysterious, so that the opponent can’t predict.

If you can’t predict your passing, then you will be more than half successful. Ah, it doesn’t matter if your projection ability is a little poor. However, if he wants to develop such superstars as James and other players in the direction of development, your weak projection ability will be a fatal blow to the future, so for Simmons, how to do it now is a problem.

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One possibility is to dialectically

Now it’s a rotation of nine people and ten people. However, when it comes to the playoffs, when it comes to the key games, when it comes to the series, and even when it comes to the c-corner, it’s up to eight people. The appearance of the ninth person may be very small. If you want to play to the ninth person, there are two possibilities.

One possibility is to dialectically. I can’t play any more. I want to dialectically analyze the second possibility. Well, that’s the garbage time. It’s basically like this. So the rotation of people is a more scientific one. Ah, so you can count the current lineup of the Lakers.

You can see that James is the only one, right? Chandler and McKee are required. They are complementary. You can replace each other, plus a ram, four pants, five, Hart, six, Swensen, seven, Burbage, and Rondo. Even if you add pop to 10, it’s basically impossible to trade pop. Ariza is also feasible for the Laker team, because pop’s growth is definitely, no, the Laker team, three quarters, three less pants, Hart is going to be better, so I personally think it’s called transfer chart.

Too many honors were based on this season

73 is the best record in history. Jiufu has no problem. Well, the last restaurant was lost in the fight. I remember it was a nickname for such a brilliant but imperfect season in 1516.

Well, it’s also a kind of ridicule. In this season, the warriors, including individuals, including the ball team, won too many honors. Many honors can’t be copied, for example, Well, the best start, the best winning streak, 24 wins, I remember that’s right, 24 liters. 25 win all vote MVP curry, 400 plus 3 points is the best, coach Er Er, hometown scoring champion, and playoff one-to-three reverser may also reverse one-to-three situation twice.

Oh, it should be one, um, one, um, a one-to-three reversal against the thunder. The other was actually over there, er, the highest score in a single quarter. If you remember correctly, Thompson’s 303637 points in a single quarter were too many, too many honors were based on this season.

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Even if one or two players and other players

One of your side effects is that it doesn’t bring much change to the team. Now the main shots are all focused on Paul George and assigned to Adams. Even if one or two players and other players are assigned to Adams, the effect will be better. But we did it in the last program. In my opinion, the main reason is the point guard.

Maybe the root of the problem is the change of weishao’s playing style. Today weishao has cut three doubles. It can be said that it is not unusual for weishao to cut three doubles now. Ah, James has played in his career for 16 years. How many doubles are there in his 30 doubles. As strong as James, as versatile as James, it’s only 6710. If you remember correctly, weishao has cut more than 100, which is quite terrible.

How many more than 60 are there when the distance reaches 180? How many more than 60 are there in the two seasons? Play better. This season, we can catch up. Er, we can set up boldly. Think about it. In the future, maybe all the records of the triple double list will be led by Wei Shao, who has only 11 60 plus 10 plus 10. This is more difficult. This is more difficult. Now, harden is leading.

That’s why the Laker signed the contract with the Laker



Invisible terms can be restricted. That’s why the Laker signed the contract with the Laker. That’s why James’s painting is a promise. Or, er, it’s very lethal and influential. For the Laker, er, how to operate?

I personally think, ah, now. In the case of a good record, although we lost the game today, we said that, for James to lead the Laker team, it’s quite good to play in the top four. It’s over fulfilled the task. Playing in the playoffs is the first standard of this year, and it’s the second standard of the top four. Yes, the third standard of goalkeeper, ah, er, maybe the first round. It should be put in the front.

Of course, you have to be advanced in the playoffs to play the first round. So, to enter the first round and the playoffs is the first goal, and the second goal of the beater’s wheel. To enter the first four is actually to overfulfil the task. Of course, you have to play.

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It is also necessary to watch the warriors play the first time to win

The Lakers have played quite well these years, but they also paid a certain price. Today, I was killed by the killer. Well, I personally think, well, don’t have too much worry about it. Don’t be too much worried about it Worry. We always said Lakers play now, right. It’s the first task and the second task to get into the playoffs. What kind of work area to play in the first round is down.

It seems that the first four have exceeded the task. It is very embarrassing to be honest if you can’t play the first round in the first four. To be honest, and the most important thing is that in 45, it can go through and go through the second round. The jet warrior team is a big challenge. In fact, it is also necessary to watch the warriors play the first time to win.


There are also certain data to accumulate. From my personal visual perspective, Durant is in some competitions. Once Thomson Curie plays well, he will let most of his hand out and know how to keep his skills. To balance the relationship between teams, contradictions and potential relationships. A few times, I can, 12-13, I don’t have to 17, 18 or 20 for each game. No, you can play well, you can put more, I will focus more on the finals. I will focus more on the playoffs. What do you mean? I will be in the playoffs. Ah, it’s really cunning to compete for MVP Durant in the finals.

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The second point is that the record of the Lakers has slipped to the fourth place

It’s a mule. It’s a horse. It’s not right. It’s too young to play this kind of game. It needs veteran like James and fellow like Rondo to testify. It’s important to bring up some young players.

What should he do at this time, right? Laojiao’s role is to stabilize the morale of the army at the critical time. It plays a key role, so James personally feels that it’s not far away from comeback. Ah, the first all star is going to start playing, and the cumulative number of votes is going to win. The second point is that the record of the Lakers has slipped to the fourth place. Well, the rockets and the Lakers have crossed this position, and now the Rockets have finished.

It’s fourth in the west, right? From the west, the eighth to the fourth in the west, the Lakers now fall from the fourth in the west to the eighth in the West and lose two more games outside the playoffs. Do you think James can still sit still? This is the first point and the second point. We have to say that since James has made such a big remark, I think he is the best. You’re worried. Well, he likes to use the iPhone. Davis’s record of pelicans is also very poor. I think the development of the situation is also in this direction, right? Almost opposite.

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